My Roots

So there we were (my fiancé and I) browsing for a show to watch on HuluPlus since the new Office episode wasn't posted yet, and on the recent episodes marquee box was Hell's Kitchen Season 11! We used to keep up with Ramsey's other shows— Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares, and The F Word— and even though the concept of Hell's Kitchen seems redundant, seeing Chef Ramsey go hysterically mad is always entertaining. This show is reminiscent of how I spent my Summer... Huh.

Also, my black roots are popping all over my head (mostly in the back, not so much the top). The good thing about it is it means my hair's growing! I realized how urgent it was for me to deal with this when my own fiancé unintentionally pointed it out ("there's so much black") when he was playing with my hair. Definitely getting my mom to do it because I want a thoroughly done job. I will be using Clairol Nice n Easy in Medium Ash Brown.

I haven't posted on Instagram in a while either. Maybe it'll end up becoming one of those things like Facebook where I just have an account so people know I exist.

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