Random Facts

♡ My name is Grace Diane Oira. I was originally going to be named Tiffany, Nicole, or Kimberly.

Selfie the day I went to Disneyland aka one of my favorite days this year =^.^=

♡ I am a Pisces.
♡ I am the oldest sibling.
♡ I love cats, not dogs. I own two cats.
♡ My favorite colors are cerulean, cream, mute pink, and lilac.
♡ I am a proud lefty. Only 10% of the world's population is!
♡ I am currently working on becoming an RN (registered nurse). However, I originally aspired to be a cardiologist.
♡ My favorite food is sushi! Specifically the Unagi roll and Philly roll.
♡ I used to be really good at playing the piano, so much in fact that I was planning on going to a conservatory. Then school got in the way.
♡ My favorite candy are Strawberry Sour Punch Straws.
♡ I am Filipina-American, and part Japanese/Chinese!
♡ My last name is strangely a Japanese pronoun.
♡ My least favorite features about me are my chubby cheeks, my nose, my overbite, and being 5'1". I like my eyes though.
♡ I can't swim. I almost drowned once and I didn't try swimming until high school, and even then I sucked at it.
♡ I think pop music is annoying.
♡ I am a mascara junkie.
♡ I don't have much tolerance for people in my age group, especially boys.
♡ I don't like to wear bright colors. I usually wear neutrals and earth tones. I also have an affinity for black.
♡ I used to be scene omg.
♡ People think it's weird I enjoy classical music.
♡ I eat whatever I want and somehow I'm still not fat. I do cardio at the gym sometimes though.
♡ My favorite drink is Royal Milk Tea from Lollicup, light ice.
♡ I can't handle rejection well, or being ignored, or having to wait for more than five minutes.
♡ I have only lived in California— both in NorCal and SoCal.
♡ I am currently learning Mandarin.
♡ My best friends are my fiancé and my cousin.
♡ Someone saw my driver's license from when I was 16, and literally thought I got some cosmetic surgery. I was literally offended and cried.
♡ If I could live in a different era, it'd be in the Victorian era or 1940s-1960s.
♡ My favorite music video is "Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance.

♡ I trust less than five people.
♡ I once dyed my hair pink and then lilac.
♡ I also bleached my whole head once to lighten my hair color. I succeeded, too!
♡ I dream to live in San Francisco, Canada, or Switzerland.
♡ I hate the sun. I am the ultimate vampire.
♡ I'm a grammar/spelling Nazi.
♡ Circle lenses look horrible on me.
♡ I get annoyed easily.
♡ My favorite types of shoes include Oxford heels, penny loafers, and anything with a t-strap!
♡ I only wear A-line/skater dresses or skirts. That means no pants.
♡ Until October 2012, I used to wear false lashes.
♡ I don't trust salons with my hair. I know enough to work on my own.
♡ My favorite video game ever is Kingdom Hearts and Ni No Kuni.
♡ I wear sheer stockings a lot.
♡ I'm not much of a dancer, but I'd love to learn ballroom dancing or how to waltz!
♡ I want to meet Cillian Murphy someday.
♡ I don't drink/never gotten buzzed or drunk nor do I smoke!

Thanks for reading!

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