TEAS Test done!

Today was my TEAS! Yikes or yay?

So I woke up at 7 AM to make time for breakfast. I was a zombie to say the least.

Mom cooked me French toast and eggs (the eggs seemed redundant though), and prepared a glass of calamansi juice!

The testing area was located in Rancho Bernardo so I had to drive for almost forty minutes to get there. I immediately bought two Red Bulls, one for the essay and then TEAS.

The first portion of testing was an hour long so I could type my essay on a laptop. The prompt was doable. What is your motivation to have a nursing profession? Answering it was much simpler than I had anticipated. It actually reminded me of my personal statements to UC schools.

The second part was the TEAS which allowed you four hours to finish. PHEW. I am so relieved I got it over with. I only required 3 hours out of the 4, and I made sure I triple-checked everything before submitting anything. My score was labeled as "Proficient," so that better be a good thing!? I did exceptionally well in Science and English Language Usage. And the math portion was so easy! Much easier than my SATs if that gives you an idea. I find out in April if I got accepted, so I'll be crossing my fingers until then. Maybe now that I have nothing else to worry, I'll continue reading the Mistborn Trilogy in the meantime?

When I got to the hubby's home, I was starving! We decided on homemade Carne Asada fries and it wasn't bad at all! Of course it wasn't Lolita's, but we felt pretty proud of ourselves anyway.

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