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Early morning to you all. I woke up to my dad being fairly annoying to my mom, and I couldn't seem to go back to sleep, so why not blog?

Yesterday was a really good day for me and the hubby. He and I shared a much-craved Carne asada fries and boba meal and I played with his hair, and gave him a massage until he fell asleep. Make sure I'm up by 7:30 for my raid! I watched the movie Safe Haven on my computer while he raided. After he was done, I spent the remainder of the night talking with him. cuddling, being silly, and basically enjoying every moment I have with him. If there's one thing I've noticed about myself, it's appreciating him more, and making sure he feels it as well. After everything he does for us, I can't thank him enough. I love him so much. He is my lover slash best friend, and what could ever top that?

Somewhere in our conversation we somehow touched on me web... er..... game-camming while playing World of Warcraft on this website called Twitch. Apparently, based on your viewers, you can make some money! It can occur in two ways: the entertained viewers have the option to donate to you as incentive to play more, or during a commercial when you need to take a break (you choose when and what is played), you earn .002 cents for every viewer! It sounded small to me, too. That is, until he showed me the math and I saw how fast this stuff adds up. I'm not going to be an amazing player (unless we were streaming me playing Ni No Kuni, but we haven't got the proper equipment yet), but I hope my audience enjoys my strange company! I guess I am interesting when I choose to be. *smirks* I know Abrann wouldn't mind getting paid good money to play for a living. Other than voicing it a couple times, I could tell from when he used to watch Machinima videos. I will admit, it's opened my eyes to making money. There's actually a guy who plays six hours a day, and he makes 500k per month! I'm obviously not expecting to get that much, but wouldn't that be nice...

Anyway, I'm pretty tired. The tea stayed in my system until like 3AM. I don't know why I'm so sensitive to caffeine lately, but my tolerance levels have been subpar. I'm not supposed to be up for another couple hours, so I'll either try to drift off to sleep or starting putting potato slices under my eyes to wake them up!

I also want to share something funny my cousin sent me, a list of my pet peeves. Or, some of them. I'm a very peculiar person. This shows how well she knows me! Although, sometimes she knows a little too much.

- Having to inconveniently unlock my iPhone to snooze my alarm at 5 in the morning
- Slow drivers
- Not beating the red light because of a slow driver
- Being in a classroom where the teacher opens all the curtains. I cannot stand sunlight. I get enough of it outdoors, thanks.
- Sitting in a lecture hall only to listen to a bunch of obnoxious Asians talking about their “Asian fails.” no.one.cares.
- Having dry hands after washing them
- Walking towards my destination while having to rummage through my bag for my phone without looking
- Entering libraries whose air-conditioning messes up my bangs
- Listening to Abrann complain about being hungry when it was his fault for not eating this morning (he has too many cameos on my tumblr page lul)
- Driving with the sun in my face
- Ashy knees
- Having my bag fall over in class when it’s quiet
- Small desks
- Broken desks
- Chairs without desks
- Sharing seats in the library because there are no available chairs
- Going to the girl’s restroom and encountering astall that HASN’T BEEN FLUSHED. God damn you kinds of girls
- No paper towels
- No soap
- Seeing people exit the restroom without having washed their hands
- Lines in the bathroom
- Spending money
- Touching money
- Having no gas
- Holding the gas pump
- Having to walk inside the gas station to use cash instead of my card
- Having to be within a 5” proximity of people who smell horrible during an hour lecture.
- Smelly people in general
- My repulsively-smelling TA
- Having someone try to get to their chair in a lecture hall in a row behind me and carelessly grazing the back of my hair which I will then have to re-fix
- People using the logic of “I don’t text you anymore because I don’t want you to feel like I’m bothering you” when I’ve reminded you that it doesn’t
- Texting conversations that begin with “hey” or “what’s up?”. I’ll just pretend you never sent it in the first place

What did she do, start writing this list three years ago?

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