Ulzzang Eye Make Up Attempt & My Day

After being inspired from yesterday's YouTube videos, I attempted this look on my own eyes.

I used brown liquid liner to line my upper lid from the inner corner to my outer corner. I extended the liner almost 1 cm long to widen my eyes. To open up my eyes more I slightly flicked it up. I know most ulzzang looks don't do that, but it I like how it works on my eye. I then made a slight shadow on my lower line to add shape to my bottom lid. I didn't use falsies for this look, just regular mascara. It definitely makes my eyes look more innocent instead of that cat eye I normally sport.

I'm still unsure of how I feel about this look. This type of makeup style isn't meant for my already almond eyes. Hmm, maybe after some more practice it'll feel more natural. Now all I need are my circle lenses!

Also, my mom took me shopping today after we had sushi for dinner. I bought stuff from H&M (I also included a pic of the pink dress from Marshalls!). I made a stop to Sephora hoping to buy NARS Albatross Highlighting Blush with my gift card, but it wasn't. in. stock. The cream dress on the top right is what I'm wearing on Easter! I saw an eyeshadow palette with some cute spring colors and an angled brush that I couldn't resist as well.


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