Happy Saturday! I woke up from another strange/bad/annoying dream. These need to stop. Luckily, it doesn't reflect on the reality of things. I guess my subconscious is that insane. Last night was interesting because hubby and I slept from 6pm-1am, and then I went home to sleep some more! Earlier today we went to Vons to pick up some breakfast ingredients! I love cooking together. On easygoing days like this, I like to wear more casual outfits. I made sure I wore long sleeves to protect my arms from UV rays! Here's a quick shot before I left the house:

burgundy long sleeves H&M, grey skater skirt H&M, garter tights eBay

my garter tights

I cooked the pancakes while hubby cut the strawberries!
See the green parts? I get so excited when I get pageviews from other countries! (Russia/Россия!!!) It motivates me to keep posting!

I shall update more as my day goes along. Toodles! :)

\\ Edit 9:09 PM //

After hubby left me for his closing shift, I ran some errands and picked up more Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets (highly recommended!), Clear Scalp conditioner, and a new lip stain since my Palladio one dried up so fast. NYC 16 hour lip stain in "Persistent Pink" was love at first swipe! It gives a nice vibrant "I just ate a popsicle" pink, and it really brightens my face! What's even better is it was $5 at Rite Aid. I love the practicality of a lip stain. I find it to be more low maintenance than a tinted lip balm. That there says a lot. ;)

I also picked up sushi for dinner and had a surprisingly interesting conversation with one of the waiters. Call me dense, but eventually when he told me I was "very easy on the eyes", I immediately thought, "what's so easy about them?" I thanked him and looked it up when I left. My way of thinking isn't the most conventional hehehehe.

Anyways, I'm watching Pride and Prejudice at the moment. I love Joe Wright's period pieces. I absolutely don't mind spending my Saturday night like this. This just proves how much of a homebody I've become!

I was drooling over the ModCloth, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters web sites. So many cute dresses. I want everything. >_<

eBay, 16.99
Target, 19.99

These are also the maryjane 4.5" platforms I want to call my own, but I'm doing my best to resist them. Subtle Lolita/Gothic/Sophisticated/Height. What's not to love?

I'm so torn between what Palty hair color I want. I've narrowed it down to Milk Tea Brown (a light beige brown), Cookie Beige (a lighter version of my current color), and Lemon Tea Blonde (a light yellow brown). Palty shades aren't always in stock at Mitsuwa, and I usually let that dictate what available color I end up using, but eBay's selection is pretty wide. I might just go on there instead.

Lemon Tea Blonde

Cookie Beige

I brought back an old product favorite to my life: Eskinol Classic White Grains! I was browsing through my page views, and saw that users queried Eskinol, and it led to my blog! My love was immediately rekindled, especially since I've been lazy on exfoliating my face. This product is multifunctional, as I can use it on my body as well and get rid of the yucky dirt that clings onto skin. You'd be surprised at how much there actually is. I can go through so many cotton balls!

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