6/16 Father's Day / MOTD: Bottom Falsies

Happy Father's Day, everyone!


It was my first day trying out bottom falsies. I decided to get more use out of them by cutting them in half. I placed them on the outer half of my bottom lid , and put mascara on my bottom lashes (on the middle part of my bottom lid) as usual. It photographs pretty well, but in person it looks very bold. My eyes felt more dolly. Think Twiggy and Kotakoti. ACTUALLY, there was a time today where I thought I had Kotakoti eyes! It's interesting because these lashes are very thin and on the natural side, so I'm not sure if this will be a daily look for me. It took an extra ten minutes to get them on. I'm pretty much not used to this look because I've never seen my bottom lid with so many lashes! But I am proud of myself for getting them on just right!

I've also been switching up my lip products to get more use out of everything I have. Today I used Revlon Lip Liner in Rose. It gives that "my lips but better" look. Plus, I've been obsessing over neutral/nude/rosy shades lately. This liner went perfectly with my Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Nude. In a way, the neutral palette is my comfort zone because I'm too lazy to play with colors.

Selfies! I'm thinking about reserving some of them for my blog since all I ever post on Instagram these days is my face. I'm not trying to be conceited or anything. x_x
The white balance on my phone ruins my photo quality so much. You can definitely tell I have darker hair now. At least it'll offset any tan I get this Summer because of the contrast. *smirks* I'm surprised my light brown eyebrows still work with this hair color. I love being a brunette. Without the eyebrow penciling (I use Estee Lauder in Dark Brown), my brows are still dark blonde.  The dark brown over blonde brows results in a nice light brown shade. The black is peeping through, so I'll have to redo them soon. I find that penciling over blonde brows rather than black brows makes things blend in better.

Bottom lashes I purchased from "Tokyo" in Long Beach

Stay tuned for my upcoming Father's Day post! Heading out to Island's for dinner. =^.^=


Here's what I ate for dinner! My family and I went to Islands. It's less than five minutes from my house.

 Everyone's food
 My food! I could only eat half...

We also watched Man of Steel on a whim. I was surprised we found a show that wasn't sold out considering the other theatres we went to were. AMC ftw! My brother was smart enough to buy the tickets on Fandango while we drove to AMC Mission Valley so that we wouldn't have to wait in line. It was a good movie! There were times I felt drowsy watching it, I mean it was almost three hours! Plus, I was still under my food coma. Every time I step inside an AMC, I feel nostalgic. I'm always reminded of how much I miss working with Abrann. Haha so bad, but whatever!

I'm so excited for Monday and Tuesday because hubby's off! If it isn't too hot, we might go to the fair, but if not, it doesn't matter what we do! I love having him to myself. 

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