I tried less make up (no foundation, half falsies or glitter eyeliner and brown eyeliner). I tested my Missha BB cream by itself today, I love how my skin can breathe! I usually wear it as a base under foundation. To be honest, I was lazy about it because I misplaced the brown eyeliner and it was really hot today! Keana said I looked dark angelesque again. Why does that not bother me? ;)

It's also that time in my life where I move on with products. I realized I require a harsher contour to make my features stand out.

After doing some research, I've decided on L'Oreal True Match Cocoa. It is a foundation, but I chose the darkest shade because it gets the job done for contouring and it's budget-friendly. What would us college students do without drugstores!?

Up until now, I put my trust in Canmake shading products, but they're a bit disappointing these days. I was really hoping it'd be holy grail for me, being a Japanese brand, but that was not the case.

If True Match fails me, I'll look to Too Faced Hula Bronzer. Always have a backup plan.


I tried Insanity today. Apparently we have the whole set at my house and I was curious about my stamina (or what's left of it).

I haven't been to the gym in a couple months, but I would do workouts in my room here and there. My hubby's hectic schedule makes it hard to find the time. We usually go late nights because there is less traffic. He'd be playing basketball and I'd be upstairs doing cardio! I know he misses it, and I do want him to enjoy himself! For me, other than wanting to have a great body, I want to be healthy!

Remember, calories in and calories out. Eating right helps your body too! I'm no fitness guru. I just do my best to eat healthy. The yummy things are okay in moderation. If fruits are available, that's what I grab first thing in the morning. I also don't skip meals because that can slow down your metabolism.

I am slender to begin with (I'm 5"2 and 102-105 lbs), but I'd like to tone up. Besides, losing a couple pounds can't hurt, right? I wish I didn't have chubby cheeks =u.u=

The DVD set is designed to crunch the results from a year's worth of workouts into two months. I started with the Plyometrics and Cardio disc. The workout was 40 minutes long with two short breaks, but I was dying after the first half. I've never seen myself sweat so much in such a short time frame. Next time around, I need to drink more water. I've tried Turbo Jam in the past, but Insanity does it so much better! My legs are going to feel sore tomorrow.

I don't even know how I managed to do chores afterwards. Steam vacuums are freaking heavy btw.

Before I left the house, my mom needed help with her home health paperwork (work from her second job) so she taught me how to file patient cases and their medicines. She told me it was one less thing I'll have to be taught with my nursing career! I hope I can be as hardworking as she is one day. Working two jobs and finishing her PhD degree sounds ridiculously stressful.

Speaking about nursing, I spoke to my cousin who's a year older than me and is on his last semester of clinicals. I go to him for any questions I have about nursing. My conversation with him today made me more determined to get an MSN after my BSN since "BSN is bare minimum these days, [and] they won't hire anyone with an associates." Lucky for him, he's pretty much guaranteed a job at USC's hospital because he knows a lot of the staff, plus his mom and our auntie (Keana's mom) works there. LA has so many opportunities!

After hubby was off at 5 (he did some OT because it was crazy busy) we went grocery shopping. He got himself some vitamins, aww. I wanted some too but the Vitamin C only had 1000mg, and I needed 1500mg to supplement my Ivory Caps that are being delivered soon. I'll shed more light on that later. :)

We also caught up on Master Chef and took a kitten nap. Because he closes tomorrow, we also get to sleep on the phone! ;D We havent been able to all week. It's almost his mini vacay!

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