Quick Update/Product Rave: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted on here, but I've squeezed in some time to!

This is probably my most favorite "selfie" I've taken in a while. The pose and final edit looks different from my other usual shots. I'm not wearing any contacts either. I even made it my default picture on a lot of sites I use, and that doesn't happen often. ^_^ 
Brown eyeliner, black eyeliner on top, holikaholika waterproof jewel liner, mascara top and bottom lashes, NYX tea rose, and Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Nude.

Two purchases I've been very pleased with:

1) The Holika Holika (#8) jewel liner! I have it in "Pink Topaz," and it suits me so well! You all know I'm obsessed with finding a champagne/beigey to brighten my eyes. I only apply it on the inner half of my bottom lid. The opacity can be built for a more obvious highlight, but I like mine subtle. I like the creamy formula because it doesn't dry out and cake on my bottom lids. You can also sharpen the product with a regular pencil sharpener. I prefer this over the twisting you have to do with most pencil liners.

2) Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

This is Maybelline's newest mascara, and I LOVE it. It flares out my top and bottom lashes, making me look super wide-eyed. This means no falsies required! Seriously, my eyelids can breathe. Did you know false lashes can give you fine lines on your eyelids with prolonged use (I read the same thing about eyelid tape! Not that I use it or anything). This mascara has a wand for top and bottom lashes on opposite ends. Because Maybelline mascaras tend to have wet formulas, I use a defining mascara (Superlash by Apple Mascara in Avocado) to help keep my lashes sticking up. I only recommend using the big brush for top lashes for volume after you've defined beforehand. Define-A-Lash works great, too!

I'm also getting into vivid lip colors and fuller lips for Summer! I think a warm pink strawberry lip, such as the ones from the Tony Moly line are perfect. Glossy fuller lips make you look more youthful and add a nice dewiness to the face!

Tony Moly Princess Gloss in Strawberry

Tony Moly Bunny Gloss in Juicy Apple
How could I resist such cute packaging!? :-(


I also got a new kitten named Hiccup ("Cuppy"). She is a 6-week-old charcoal grey spotted tabby, and she is just darling! She's a cuddler and lets you hold her. She reminds me of a ragdoll. Check my Instagram for some footage of her. 

Louis and I took her to the Eastlake Vet the other day. I'm so glad it was a minute away from my house because it's been really hot in San Diego this past month. She received all of her vaccinations and she's flea-free! I'm now more comfortable with her on my bed since she sleeps with me at night. We also bought her some toys, a teepee/cushion to lounge in, and other necessities. As an impulse buy, I got her  cute red vest (which is a little too big for her, so I'll wait until she grows some more), and a sparkly pink collar.

Based on these pictures, you can tell she likes sleeping on my stuff. She'll also walk on ANYTHING. This morning she stepped on my face and woke me up. (-_-) Hubby met her today, and he likes her too! I think I'm going to bring her again tomorrow. His mom also gave me a cute Hello Kitty carrier they didn't need anymore. :) The difficult part was getting Cuppie to mingle with my older cat Ming Ming who lives at my house, as well as our cat Lil who lives at hubby's house.

Earlier tonight, I pampered myself. Lip waxes still hurt so much. My mom was also talking to me about  ditching the MSN pursuits and being a Nurse Practitioner eventually.

I also really need to get my glasses fixed. They're so loose that I have to keep pushing them up.
Either that, or I'll need a nose filler to keep them in place. :s


This week:
- Taking my CPR certification whenever hubby's opening
- Take my TEAS at SDSU
- My baby's off Sunday and Monday! We might go to the fair "if it's open and if it's gloomy." I like that we BOTH hate scorching hot weather. Either way, I'll have to make sure he wears plenty of SPF when we go!

Can you believe it's almost July already?

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