Regular Blue Contacts (Non-Circle Lens)

"What'd you do different? You look even prettier today."  - My hubby

I think it was the way I did my lashes today!

Anyway, so I've gotten into contacts again! Can you tell if my eyes look larger or not? In the photo above I'm wearing a generic sapphire blue contacts. That means no enlargement effect! I purchased them for $15 from a local clothing store. I used to doubt these kinds of contacts because they seemed cheap in quality and fake-looking, but after studying the design carefully, I had a good feeling. The limbal ring is subtle, so I don't look reptile/alien like! The diameter is about 13.8-14.0 mm, which is the size of my natural iris. It's also much more vibrant than my Neo Glamour Blue Circle Lenses (which I ripped last night...). So, now you all know not to overlook those over the counter contacts! It's nice to know that decent contact lens are accessible if I want to change my look! The bottom line is to not judge something so harshly without giving it a try!

For my eye makeup, I used mascara on my top and bottom lashes, ELF half lashes on my top outer corners, brown eyeliner, black eyeliner, and champagne powdered highlighter.

Product Brands
Super Lash by Apple mascara
Maybelline Brown Eyeliner Pencil
Prestige Black Eyeliner Pencil
ELF Dramatic Half Lashes
Revlon Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Champagne

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