Geo Tri Color Green Contacts / Snow White Milky Pack / Mini Update

Hi everyone! My two new contacts came in! I had time to try on the Geo Tri Color Green from HoneyColor.com. They were having a monthly sale, so I took advantage of it and bought two for $20! The other one I bought was Neo Cosmo 4-tone grey (surprisingly, it makes my eyes a pretty icy blue, but I don't know if I'll wear that out). I'll try to post about that soon. The diameter of these lenses are 14-14.2mm, which is the size of my iris. I don't look for enlargement with contacts. I just like the occasional color change. Speaking of color change, I love the jade green shade. It looks so subtle on me!

Wet n Wild's Lipstick in Cherry Pick, Rimmel Scandal Eyes Bulletproof Beige, brown/black eyeliner, Maybelline Define a Lash x Maybelline Full n' Soft
I also recently dyed my roots using Revlon Medium Ash Blonde. I couldn't stand having an inch of black roots. Using a significantly lighter shade successfully lifts my black hair to a medium brown.

Look at how much Cuppie's grown!

As for the Snow White Milky Pack I recently bought, it's pretty awesome at brightening skin. Some parts of my body are lighter than others, and this fixes that. It contains Niaminicide (Vitamin B3), an anti-aging and hyperpigmentation-reducing agent. What I love about this is you can rub it on like a lotion (no rinsing required!). It also absorbs quickly.

Overall, I've been really happy with everything. After tomorrow's test at SDSU, I'll be able to relax again, finish the Mistborn novel series (for hubby ♡) and enjoy other things I miss doing. That being said, I need to sleep ASAP. Wish me luck.

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