6/2 Grey Day

"Sweet Grey" contacts! :) :) :)

I stayed at hubby's until he had to leave for work, and then I went shopping with my mom at the Otay Mall. The sky looked really pretty! It was also nice and gloomy today.

Today was Farmer's Market and we bought the yummiest caramel popcorn. She splurged on herself and also bought me new summer dresses! I finally have mint in my closet :O I swore to myself I couldn't pull this color off, but the floral print on it makes it more wearable!

I also have new lip products! 

Lip plumper in "Cherry." Gives a nice tingly feeling to improve lip circulation. It made my lips more pigmented and pouty. It's the product I'm wearing in the photo above!

NYX Matte Lipstick Strawberry Daquiri- a nice burnt red!

Palladio Lip Pencil in Grapefruit - a warm bright pink

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