Japanese Hair Dye Color Contemplations & Update

Current hair color: Golden/Light Ash Brown.

I didn't do my eyebrows here =.=

In the sun it's much lighter, but indoors it's the perfect ashy shade (the picture above). My hair has been bleached in the past, which is why my hair color always fades to a light brown no matter how dark I color it. However, I'm letting my roots grow more than usual, and I need something to blend my roots with the rest of my hair while reviving the overall color.

Last hair dye used: Palty Marshmallow Ash (yuck). Click here for my review.

Originally, I was looking to Palty Honey Peanut, but I think it'll leave my hair golden.

It might even clash with my skin tone! I've also been eyeing Prettia Natural Ash (light ash brown) for the longest time, but I'm thinking about embracing my light hair for the time being. But it does need some retouching! Besides, I also think Revlon Light Ash Brown might be a dupe? :O

So I've decided on KAO Liese, as many reviews say it's better than Palty (the shades are also more accurate and it doesn't damage the hair as much).

Here is a color chart comparing the levels of brightness:

Liese Milk Tea Brown (light-brown)

Liese Chiffon Beige (yellow-brown)

Liese Platinum Beige (light ash-brown)

Now all I need to do is stop by my local Mitsuwa or eBay!


Aside from all that, I'm currently waiting for new lenses to come in! I ordered Neo Lucky Clover in Blue Gray and Geo Tri Color Green. I've given up my hopes on finding a lens to make my brown eyes pop. Everything else just looks obviously fake to me! Especially since I'm directly comparing it to how a brown iris normally looks like. I'll be sure to post pictures on how they look like!

Abrann and I have been doing amazing as usual (check my twitter to see for yourself!) and I'm still excited about my new kitten. The weather in San Diego has been uncomfortably warm, so I'm trying to stay in as much as I can to avoid a tan. I've also been using a new lightening product called Gluta-C whitening soap.
Inside is a white bar of soap. It does contain a lot of skin lightening agents, so those with sensitive skin like me should use sparingly. It's also safe enough to use on the face, but face is really sensitive, so I stick to witch hazel and collagen cream.

That's all for now!

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