Palty Macaroon Beige Review [On Brown Hair]

I couldn't wait to try Palty Macaroon Beige. I'm so glad I did! It's restored my faith in the Palty brand.

Hubby let me buy it yesterday at Zion Market. :)

One box colored my hair evenly, but left my black roots a tad brassy. My MacBook webcam makes it look warmer than it actually is, though I'll retouch it tomorrow with some light ash brown. Macaroon Beige is a yellow-brown shade. Even with the warmth in my hair, it's a nice change since I usually opt for ash shades.
Palty Macaroon Beige, $12-14

The picture above is the most accurate depiction of the shade.
The ends of my hair are now all one uniform color! 

With Palty, I'll remember to buy significantly lighter shades if I want to see a change in my hair. I'm surprised it actually looks similar to the box for once. Cookie Beige and Milk Tea Brown in the future maybe!?


  1. You're really pretty!
    Your hair color is so nicee!! c:

    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm loving it for the remainder of the summer. :)