Neo Queen 4-Tone Grey Circle Lens Review

I haven't seen my eyes this light since Neo Glamour Blue, so I wasn't used to it. Overall, I don't see myself wearing these in public. They don't look grey at all on me, but I do like the color blend. The 4-tone blends in better than the Glamour series which is only 3-tone. Both are superior to my generic blue contacts I used to wear. Also, the diameter is the size of my actual iris (14 mm). I don't look for enlargement in circle lenses, only a color change! I bought this at HoneyColor.com along with my Tri-Color Green (which I love!) They had a 2 for $20 deal I couldn't pass up! Yes, I'm thrifty! I typically don't see circle lenses being worth full price.

Eyes: Neo 4-Tone Grey, brown eyeliner top and bottom lids, black liquid eyeliner on lash line, Rimmel Scandal Eyes in "Bulletproof Beige," Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara top and bottom lashes; Lips: NYX Matte "Tea Rose"

I think I'm over contacts again. (This is kind of how I felt with wearing false lashes, too. Glad that's over!) It looks pretty, but I choose comfort and not having to worry about eye drops. I'd rather be stuck with brown eyes than deal with all that!

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