Favorite KPOP Songs Lately

Yup, I said it.

I wouldn't say I'm a crazy fan, but I do keep up with some of what goes on in the seemingly perfect K-Pop world. This is the genre I listen to when I want a change of pace from EDM, so here are some songs/albums I've been hooked on lately!

1. EXO's 2nd Mini Album "Exodus." I still need to listen to the full album, but I am so happy they're staying strong even though they're no longer OT12! I miss Luhan and Kris. So far, I'm really liking "Call Me Baby." EXO is probably my favorite "boy band" in the K-Pop industry. My current biases are Tao, Sehun, and Chanyeol.

2. Fiestar, "You're  Pitiful." And can I just point out that Jei is so gorgeous in this MV. She is the "baby-faced leader" of the group. And can you believe she is 26?!

3. HyunA, "Red." This song came out last summer, but it's so fun to listen to! I also love the choreo.

4. EXID, "Up and Down." Hani (the girl in the orange) is so pretty! GOALS.

5. GD x Taeyang, "Good Boy." These two always make awesome songs together.

6. Taemin, "Danger." This song also came out last summer. This song is very edgy but catchy. It also kind of gives a modern Michael Jackson feel!


My favorite songs of all time is EXO's History (Chinese version), Growl, and Wolf (both Korean version). To me, their prime was when they were OT12, but like I said, I'm glad they're making their comeback.

EXO, "History."

EXO, "Growl."

EXO, "Wolf."

Some other songs I still find myself listening to include Troublemaker's "Trouble Maker" (duh!) and "Now." I generally like a lot of T-ara's and Kara's songs.

Trouble Maker, "Now." I love their chemistry here, and the concept of their rebel looks.

Kara, "Damaged Lady." I listened to this so much in 2013. I also found the song really relatable at the time.

Kara, "Mamma Mia." I love the edgy choreo here!

T-ara N4, "Jeon Won Diary." Hyomin looks so amazing here! In the regular T-ara group, Hyomin and Qri are my biases.

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