Super Pinky Blue Review

Lens name: Super Pinky Blue

Store: I bought these from Pinky Paradise. I was surprised at how fast my order arrived. I used their DHL Express Shipping 2-5 days option. I placed my order on Tuesday and received my package on Thursday!

Price: $25.90, which is the average price for circle lenses.

Comfort: These lenses were so easy to put on and take off. Much easier than my regular clear contacts. I was also able to wear them for 9 hours straight. Of course, I used eye drops maybe three times in between when my eye felt dry, but I normally felt fine throughout the day. I also put my prescription in these (L: -3.00, R: -2:50) and I could see perfectly in them.

Size: The site says they are 15mm. At first I was skeptical that these would be too big and unnatural (I usually wear 14.0-14.2mm), but it actually looked really good! It gives my eyes a nice pop, and not in a weird way at all. I don't think I would wear them at school, but maybe at night, or if I'm wearing a costume, or if I just feel like taking selfies in them!

Color: These are a cross between sky blue and cerulean. This covered my brown eyes completely. This has to be the best pair of blue lenses I've ever tried! Most blue lenses on my eyes end up looking like a muddy blue/grey, which isn't exactly what I'm going for. These lenses are very vivid and people crossing your way will definitely take notice.

Overall thoughts: These lenses are pretty awesome. I'm so glad I had the guts to order these because I am so pleased! These can help you change up your look when you're in the mood to and the color is just so beautiful.

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