Long time, no blog!

Hello! My blog has been a ghost town, but I am determined to turn that all around!

Song of the day: Ice Cube: Today was a Good Day

With Winter Break coming to an end, I have been busy making large-scale decisions. I am transferring universities, and I am happy my mom let me choose which school I should go to, which shocked me, considering it is her money paying for my tuition. I feel more at ease with myself because I'm going to the more promising school that will get me to where I want to be. #relieved

In other news, my attempts at making YouTube videos has been somewhat successful. I finally found a video editing software that won't eventually corrupt my video files, which was a problem I encountered in Windows Live MovieMaker. Having to acquaint myself with new software put me off, and I almost gave up on making YouTube videos altogether, but I pulled through after realizing how simple it was. I'm not trying to become super famous on YouTube (although, it would be nice), but making videos is a great passtime, plus I love sharing things I do with fellow viewers!

Last Summer, my boyfriend and I were trying to start our own online comic. I love the idea of it, but he's relying on me to draw, and I don't find myself to be an amazing artist. I was trying to choose which style of drawing would be most easy, and I arrived at chibi-styles. Here's me doodling around:

Despite how swimmingly everything has been as of late, I do loathe how late I have been sleeping, and how I will have to normalize my circadian rhythm soon. Seven hours of sleep is okay, but I wish I could have the luxury of sleeping in until noon. I woke up around 9, and I was called earlier to close instead of working a mid-shift. Why does that particularly make me happy? I get to avoid the heat (it is unusually warm today), and more boyfriend time! He's cooking spam, rice, and eggs at the moment. I was then reminded of how much he's the cook, and not me. I should learn... hahaha.

LB queen Olivia Lo is featured here on an American Apparel ad!
'Til next post! Today is payday!

Happy Friday!

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