Kojic Original Acid Soap and "100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream"


I bought the soap as a two-pack for $15 from eBay and the eye cream for $9 from eBay as well. In the picture, the cream product looks rather small, maybe I'll buy the bigger one next time! Both products were delivered in two days!

I love the plain kojic original acid soap because it really works!! I feel my arms tingling and I can see the keratinized skin cells exfoliating revealing new brighter skin. I would never use this on my face, as I find it too harsh, but everywhere else is great!

As for the eye cream, I've read great testimonials that is their holy grail. The caffeine really wakes up the eye area and depuffs while removing dark circles. I'm eating breakfast right now, so I'll have to try it on after I shower for class in a bit!

( ͒•ㅈ• ͒) ( ͒•ㅈ• ͒) EDIT ( ͒•ㅈ• ͒) ( ͒•ㅈ• ͒)

Okay, I tried on the eye cream! AMAZIIIIING. It applies smoothly, as the skin absorbs it quickly, and concealer application is so creamy! Unfortunately, when I unscrewed the cap the hole was clogged, so I kept squeezing it hoping it would unclog and the other end opened instead. Now I have to put this in a ziploc so that it stays fresh! ( ╹✖╹)

Afternoon update:

This morning, I also got an allergic reaction from the kojic acid soap on my eyelids because I was using my fingers to apply the eye cream right after I got out of the shower. (T∀T;) Soooo from now on, I will apply the eye cream with a qtip or cotton ball, even though that will waste more product. *sigh* Now I reaaaallly need to get the bigger version!

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