🎈🎈Birthday List 2013🎈🎈

- Sephora: gift card, $60
- Forever 21 gift card, $60
- H&M gift card, $60
- Cotton On, $30 **i shop here occasionally**
- Starbucks, $60
- Target, $60 **will go to the one in eastlake 😏**

- ($14-18) H-Mart, Mitsuwa, or Asian stores: 2 boxes of Prettia Hair Dye in Chiffon Beige/ Platinum Beige/ Creamy Beige/ Royal Brown **make sure the two boxes are the same color, I need enough for my hair AND extensions!**

- h mart/ asian stores: face sheet masks, I like the ones that say WHITENING on it. when buying check for ingredients such as Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C/Citrus/Lemon/Orange, milk, goat milk, Licorice, mulberry, bear berry, papaya, glutathione. **dont buy if it says kojic acid on it, bad for my skin**

- Sprouts/ organic store: Canus Lil Goat Milk Lavender Products. If not available, get original version. Please include the lotion & the body wash.

- Sprouts/ Organic store: 10 bars of Canus goat milk soap ($3). Look for the unscented one, but if not available get the original version.

- 10 bars of papaya soap. Likas is ok. ($3)

- Sephora, blush brush for traveling, must have a cap or lid included

- Sephora, stippling brush

- A cute neutral colored quilted purse if you can't find any of the above. ($20-$40) Mute pink is okay if available. NO bright colors! Shape should be rectangular. Chains must be gold, no silver please! Size can be medium or large.

- Nordstrom Rack or H&M 10 pairs of size A jet black or XS/S 10 denier sheer tights. Control top and reinforced toe is a plus! ($3-5)

- ($27-50) Walmart, Dept stores, sephora. Juicy couture viva la juicy perfume. Size doesn't matter just don't get me the sample size! :>

You can either put my gift in a nice big gift bag :3 so I can take IG pix wid it~

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