Maybelline mascara face off

For a while, I was using the colossal, and then one day I was browsing through Target - of course through the makeup aisle! The bright purple tube caught my eye and I ended up buyin it since my colossal tube was about to run out, plus I've been curious to see if another Maybelline mascara could outdo my current one!

How I use it: As I've written on my older posts, I use these Volumizing mascaras layered over my Apple Superlash because Maybelline formulas are so wet that it can make your eyelashes wilt like crazy if worn alone! The apple Superlash keeps my lashes straight up and defined, prepping them for the Maybelline mascaras or whatever Volumizing mascara I use.

Verdict: While the colossal solely gives volume, the falsies really does give a false lash effect! it takes more swipes to Volumize than the colossal, however. The falsies both lengthens and volumizes.

Will repurchase!

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