Recommended Heat Products for Silky Hair

Whether you use a hair dryer, hair iron or curler, you need heat protectant!

I bring forth to you products I've tried that work and .... are ehhhh.

Read on!

John Freida Frizz Serum Heat Protectant, $12, drugstore

I don't feel like this protected my hair much. It also felt sticky and weighed down my hair. Next!

Nexxus Heat Spray, $12, drugstore

I like that you spray this on damp hair so that it's more infused with the hair cuticles. This left my hair soft, and with no dry ends! I say yes!

Chi Hair Serum, $10-20 (depending on size), drugstores and beauty supply stores

This is to be put on dry hair. I love the scent too! If you apply lightly you get silky soft protected locks! I say yes!

My favorite?
The Nexxus! It seems more practical to apply on damp hair and be on your way with styling as opposed to applying between hair appliances.

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