New Product: Elisha Coy Sparkling Diamond BB Cream

First things first! This song is amazing and relaxes me so much. Have a listen!

 Sweet, right?


Okay, onto my review! It came in, you guys! I'm so excited to use this!

I purchased the travel size size (in case it doesn't work out) and it's about 5 inches in height and 1 inch in diameter.

I made sure the photos of my skin weren't retouched so you can see how it is naturally under a lens. I took this photo with my iPhone 4 if that helps.

Fine and rich gold pearl creates brilliant skin when viewed from all angles!

As the last step of your skin care regime, take an amount as much as 50 won coin onto the palm and apply onto the whole face and chin line spreading thoroughly.

Price: $8 from eBay (seller was from South Korea)
Scent: like a Victoria's Secret floral lotion mmm!
Staying power: pretty good (I tried rubbing it on my clothes, and it didn't budge! Now you can rest your chin on your boyfriend's shoulder without a worry!)
SPF: 27!!!
Color: It looks like a very pale beige coming out of the tube. However, it made my skin one shade lighter after blending.

I also included the picture of what it looks like in comparison to Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Looks pretty similar except for the sparkling effect on Elisha Coy. I also don't like how you can smell the chemicals in Clinique.

After applying to my face, I noticed how sheen and sparkly this is alone. I might use this as a primer for my foundation to look extra put together.

Will I repurchase? Probably! I'll use this until I've run out. This looks like a product I'll be very happy with. I'm looking to try Elisha Coy Always Baby next!

Check out the many products from Elisha Coy!


  1. Elishacoy makes a lot of good products. I'm currently using their always triple bb cream and it's perfect for me. If you have the chance, try their snail line. I've tried it in a local store in Toronto and I love the entire line. I have the snail mask at home and it's one of the few sheet masks I really like. The next product I'm going to try is the Always Baby BB cream and their syn-ake line!

    1. What does the snail mask do? And thanks for stopping by! I'm so excited about Elisha Coy products!

    2. It's for nourishing and repairing your skin. If you have little pimples, it actual helps make the pimples heal faster.

  2. i'm currently using the dior bb cream and i love it so much:) i think the bb cream is such a great invention:) lots of love xx

  3. With the right BB cream I can wear it alone after setting it with a powder! I love this stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wonderful review, I haven't worn BBcreams in a while but I might give this a try someday :)

    1. Your skin looks flawless already, I'm sure you're just fine without it!

  5. I actually really like the band, Starfucker. Nice to find someone else who enjoys them! (:

    1. Hehehe yay! Finally someone else who listens to this kind of music!

  6. The first BB cream I tried was the Garnier BB cream.. I kinda still like it, but I'm ready to try out something new.
    I really wanna try the Revlon Photoready BB Cream, but unfortunately Revlon is not available in Germany, though.

    1. Try the Asian BB Creams! You can always buy the sample versions on Amazon, that's what I do!

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  8. Nice review! <3 Thanks for sharing, I'm using some BB cream from Etude house at the moment, but I don't really like it.

  9. nice post!!!
    thanks for your visit!

  10. I really want to try this. I checked on Amazon and I only found someone selling 50 ml. Although, at $23.00 I think it's a pretty good deal. I found one on eBay selling for $10.00 - I'm thinking that one must be a trial size.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Grace!