It's February / Birthday month!

I've been having a really good week. I've been feeling relieved ever since I left my old job. Moving onto better things!

Yesterday I went mascara crazy at rite aid:

I bought:
- ardell serum/primer $4
Ive been wanting a mascara primer because it supposedly eases mascara application as well as giving your lashes that extra oomph! This particular product claims to boost your lashes as well as promote hair growth. Directions said to only apply at night. I read reviews saying they applied it before mascara and I tried that, but it UNCURLED my lash completely. Ugh. I has high hopes for this as a mascara primer but I guess I'll just stick to using this as a nightly lash/brow growth serum. I guess I'm still on a search for that perfect mascara primer.

**tested these mascaras by themselves**

- NYC sky high lengthening $2
Wet formula. Made my lashes crazy long though. I'll figure out the technique with this product.

- NYC haute defining volume $3
Wet formula. Volumizing is average, it's better at defining.

- NYC City Curls $3 **havent tried**

- Loreal Voluminous $8
Good volume, no length.

- I also bought a cooling eye mask, $8. Idk if I bought the wrong one or something because there were no holes for the eyes?! So I put it on my eyes after leaving it in the fridge overnight and it depuffed my eyes, yes, but it completely erased my top eyelid creases which made me look sleepy the first half of the day. -_____- I guess I'll adjust it so that it only affects the bottom lids.

On a good note, Rite Aid has an awesome return policy, so at least I know I'm not wasting my money!


Abrann and I watched the Super Bowl together and the Niners lost. :(

The solo picture of Abrann is what he sent to me while at work one day. He was discarding defected light bulbs by smashing them and that's his safety fear he has to wear! Cutie :)

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