♡ Where I Buy Asian Goodies ♡

Who doesn't love Asian grocery stores? Asian groceries provide unique items you can't find in your local Vons!

Oh, and I don't mean Seafood City because they their selection is sometimes limited. Don't get me wrong, Seafood's great, but there are other places you must see!

Some of you may already know these places, but for those of you that don't, keep reading!

Japanese Marketplace
(Located in Kearny Mesa)

Everyone has heard of this place I'm sure. You can't help but want to buy everything, whether it's their Palty or Liese hair dyes, items from their Hello Kitty/San-X store, manga/magazine area, and their eatery towards the entrance! I frequent this place more than I probably should heheheh.

Located in Kearny Mesa

This place sells cute kitchenware, and other little knickknacks like false lashes, Sanrio/San-X products, kid toys, and more! Marukai has several separate stores in their plaza. Their other one is a mini grocery store. Again, you can't help but want it all!

Kyoto Gift and Food
National City

This place is a mini Mitsuwa! Ran by a sweet elderly Japanese couple, they sell kitchen pantry essentials, as well as to-go sushi! The portions are huge and set at a fair price!

Moving on! Something I recently discovered was...

H Mart
Korean Marketplace
(Located in Mira Mesa)

This place is a bit further, but look at the goodies you can buy from there (pictures below)! There's a cute Parisian style bakery that sells cute pastries and macaroons if you like those! They also provide a separate cosmetics for your beauty needs! I like to buy their masks. They make my skin so nice and soft! Like Mitsuwa, they also sell Japanese hair dyes, except their selection isn't as big. I definitely make a stop here when I'm passing Mira Mesa or if I'm in the area.

There are many more places around San Diego that sell more Asian goodies, just keep a weather eye out! ♡


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    1. California is great, but I'd love to visit the colder states in the near future! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I can only wish that there were great asians stores that sold adorable snacks and goodies near where I live. consider yourself lucky! :)

    1. Definitely blessed for that and the versatile weather we get here! Thanks for visiting!

  3. im japanese but i live in peru so i get a lot of this kind of stuff from my ants that live in japan :D they are pretty awesome :)
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    2. Lucky you! I wish I had an aunt in Japan! Will check out your blog as well!

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