I'm rambling because negativity annoys me.

Original Plans:

New Plans (from shortest time to longest time):
- National University BSN (reapplied already), find out in October, start in January 2014. 
- SWC or SDCC ADN deadline in November, start in March 2014. 
- CSUSM BSN deadline in November, find out in March, start in September 2014.

Based on the prerequisites I have completed, those are the programs I have a solid chance at.

BSN programs take two years to complete. But I don't really care when I complete it as long as I get accepted to one this year!

National University is THE priority since I had to take extra prereqs specific to their program and I didn't have my mom pay those extra thousands for nothing. If I get accepted to NU, I will gladly ditch CSUSM and SWC. This is the most direct BSN route because the waiting time isn't as long.

I have a good chance at NU as long as I get a 90-95 on the TEAS. My test date for NU is around August. But I plan on taking it at SDSU right away because they let you take it whenever.

So since my mom has close relations to the Nursing Director at SWC, I might have a guaranteed spot, so long as I have a competitive application. I cannot stress enough how important it is I get a 90 when I retake the TEAS. It will offset my less than stellar GPA.

I never want to see myself at a community college. I always took pride in starting at a university fresh out of high school.

But then I learned that finishing SWC's ADN (2 year) program GUARANTEES you a spot for SDSU's BSN program (another 2 years for their clinicals). That means this option would take another... 4 years. Finishing at SDSU used to mean everything to me. Now, I just want my bachelors where I can. Anyway, this would be the long route, and why would I want to do that? And then I thought, who's rushing me? Enough about comm colleges. I really don't want to have to go that route. I'm just saying it's an option. I want to finish school FAST, I do. But the fastest route is another two years.

I keep reiterating to my mom: 
I'm only 22. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO'VE BEEN AT A COMMUNITY COLLEGE SINCE FRESHMAN YEAR. Be happy I'm not one of those kids. Be happy I don't party or drink. Be happy I'm with a loving successful working college-educated man who has a good head and heart. (Oh, wait she is.) Legit nursing degrees take a hard 4-6 years out of your life. I finished my prereqs from 2010-2012. So far, I spent this year working on getting into the programs. These things take time with reapplying to programs, application waiting periods, retaking courses, and retaking/reviewing for the TEAS. Bottom line: 99% of humans don't finish their BSN in 4 years.  So mom, shush.

She's really hard on me. I get the passive-aggressive vibe from her because I didn't get into NU's BSN program the first time like I should've. I was shocked about the rejection myself, but this time around, I have a good feeling. I've made the necessary changes. BUT IT'S NORMAL TO TRY AGAIN. Why can't you give me credit for my persistence?

I'm also making myself more competitive:
My mom knows another person that can help me with finishing the CNA course by sooner. It usually takes a month, or a couple months if you're doing it at a community college. Hell, this only gives you 5 extra points out of 100 on a lot of the school's grading criteria, but I've got the time to spare so why the heck not? Those 5 points might be the deal maker. 

Tbh, I wish I retook my TEAS tomorrow so I'd have an idea of what's lying ahead of me and not think about other options. For that, I'm studying harder tomorrow.

K goodnight.

PS- I'll update more on what I've been up to when I get a chance!

Mom calmed down, she's nice to me again. -_-"

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