Current Photo Apps

1. VSCO Cam. The perfect vintage effect app. I use to use this for almost all my photos until I found After Light.
2. Retouch Free. One of the first apps I ever downloaded. It's good for basic editing.
3. Frame Maker HD. Good for making basic collages. This is also what I use to give the white background everyone uses nowadays. I'm aware of "whiteagram," but this works for me just fine so no need to download an extra app!
4. Poco Cam. Good for subtle filters and adding stickers. The instructions are in Mandarin so you might have difficulty navigating around the app. But it's pretty straight forward, and after using it a couple times you'll figure out which does what.
5. After Light. My go to app for editing photos. It has everything from vintage filters to enhancing photo quality, changing photo shapes, etc.
6. Line Camera. Good for subtle filters and adding stickers.
7. Tiny Faces. Adds ~*kawaii*~ faces onto whatever you want!
8. More Beaute 2 (aka Keana's favorite app LOL.) If your photo is too grainy (a problem I have with my iPhone4), I can smooth out my photo here. This is also great at enhancing the brightness if your photo is too dark. I recommend using this app for selfies lol.
9. Deco Pic. Good for adding stickers. I hardly use this.

These are my newer apps.

1. Camera360. Good for subtle filters.
2. Wonder Cam. Good for subtle filters.
3. Aviary. Haven't used this yet, but I heard it's a good app!
4. Pic Lab. There are a lot of good features on here that deliver an HD photo, but it's hard to navigate.
5. Food Pix. Enhances food pictures.
6. Lumie. Good for adding a nice soft feel to your photos. You can also add bokeh!
7. Bokehflex. Good for adding bokeh as well.
8. Pic Collage. I love this app! This is what I used for my last post and it allows me to make the perfect collage, however I want to!

My favorites out of all of these are After Light, Frame Maker HD, and More Beaute 2. Hope you all found this helpful!

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