Eyes: Black liquid eyeliner, Salon Perfect Lashes #33 (top lashes), Rimmel Scandal Eyes in "Bulletproof Beige"; brows: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Ash/Taupe.

  • Sometimes I feel weird about wearing this style of lashes because it can look too heavy on the eye, but I found that lightly curling it opens up my eyes nicely and offsets the heavy look it originally gave.
Face: CoverGirl "Ready, Set, Gorgeous" Foundation #115 (via sponge); Rimmel Stay Matte #20; blush: CoverGirl Cheekers in Natural Twinkle

A couple days ago, I re-toned my roots with L'Oreal Excellence Medium Ash Blonde. After leaving it on for ten minutes it changed into a pretty cool brown shade. I also parted the back part of my hair to the right to balance my hair out more. Sometimes my top layers can make my head look misshaped. -_-

I also do this thing where I like to read articles for pastime. I came across one that talked about how people actually visualize us, and if it's through how we see ourselves in the mirror or how we look in pictures; apparently, it's how you look in pictures. That's a bummer for people who think they look better in the mirror, but I read that you can counter that by getting used to seeing how you look in pictures, since it's normal for us to see how we look in the mirror. Weird, right? That's something I'm going to start doing more since sometimes I don't like how I look in pictures.

Product Features: 

I was so excited to receive these products in the mail this week. I have experience with using RDL Bleaching Soap in the past and I liked the results. Usually, any product with the word "bleaching" in it sounds intimidating, but this product wasn't harsh on my skin at all. I'm trying to get rid of my "summer glow" and even out my complexion before school starts next week. As for Hairfinity, I've never used it, but I've seen it all over Instagram. I was sold when I read the testimonials and saw the before/afters. One thing I want is to have hair length below my waist. I've been taking better care of my hair lately too. I try not to wash it every day, I shampoo it every other wash, I deep condition it once a week, and I  try to use lower heat settings with my hair dryer and hair straightener.

Will update later here if my plans don't fall through!

P.S. Your morning texts are my favorite.

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