Eskinol Facial Cleansers: Lemon vs. Whitening

I LOVE Eskinol!

Ever since my mum introduced it to me in my teen years, it is always my go-to when I need that extra cleansing after a long day. The amazing thing about this toner/cleanser is that it shows you the icky dirt it takes off. The cotton ball at first looks brown after rubbing it ony face and neck area. I'd feel disgusting, but relieved that it was being removed.

These are the only two types I've found worth trying for my skin type (normal/sensitive, I also hardly breakout, and opt for lightening products).

Pictured is the lemon cleanser and the whitening cleanser with grains.

I will write a separate review for each.

Price: $3 at a local Asian/Filipino Market
Scent: Hint of lemon, nothing too overwhelming
Application: I apply with a cotton ball starting on my face and sweeping it all over until the cotton ball is filled with dirt. I then go through multiple cotton balls until it is white again.
Usage: I use the lemon once a night after I've removed my makeup and rinsed my face with water. Lastly, I apply my moisturizer.
Follow up: I currently use the lemon (partly because I've been too lazy to find the whitening one), and my skin has remained clear.

Price: Also $3 at a local Asian/Filipino market. I know Seafood City carries it.
Scent: Smells like sweet rubbing alcohol. Nothing overwhelming.
Application: (same as lemon)
Usage: I don't recommend using this every day since grains might be too harsh on the skin. Instead, I use this when I want to exfoliate the dead skin cells.
Follow up: I no longer use this product because I've become too lazy to look for it, but I'll purchase this when I feel like it! Much similar to the Lemon cleanser, this also leaves my skin nice and clean. As for the whitenkng effects, it does subtle brightening, but nothing ground-breaking. However, I would purchase this again. (Note: I actually use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to exfoliate my face, so this product isn't a necessity for me.)

Bottom line: go with the lemon for everyday (or night) use, and the whitening for exfoliating purposes.

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