Staple Shoe Styles

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1) The Black Wedge

Whether it's peep-toed or close-toed (as pictured), you must must must make room for a pair in your closet. I find myself wearing my black close-toed suede wedges at least three days out of the week. Black is a timeless color and goes well with many ensembles. Pictured below, I especially like to sport these kicks with a floral dress or solid lace colored dress. This brings the focus to the dress while making me look tall.

2) The Nude Wedge

Being 5"1', this is heave sent. It elongates my legs instantly, plus nude goes just about with every outfit. Skeptics might argue that it makes you look like you're not wearing shoes, but that definitely depends on the outfit you have on. I like to wear something patterned to balance out the solid nude appearance below my waist.

3) Heeled Combat Boots

These are perfect for colder seasons. It doesn't have to look like the picture! Black, brown and beige are all wonderful colors! I think I can pull off edgier looks because of the versatile layering. To retain the girly flare, I pair a short flowy skirt and tights with a slouchy sweater. Did I mention that reasonably heeled combat boots are very comfy? I can last all day in 3" ones!

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