My Beauty Diary Pearl Powder Mask

I bought a 10-pack on Amazon for $12! I received my package two business days after ordering.


Onto the review!

My skin is normal/sensitive, and I hardly break out so it was worth a try!

It is in a lovely-looking box and wrapped with transparent heart-print. I felt terrible tearing it open!

Application: The mask has a subtle pleasant floral powder scent and is very dewy when pulling out of the package. I apply the excess serum on my neck area and fit the mask on my face as best as possible. The fit is awkwardly narrow so I made some adjustments with scissors to open up certain areas like the nose and mouth.

I've only used this mask twice (leaving a two day gap since the first time I tried it). I plan on using it every couple nights when my skin needs to freshen up.

The first time I only left it on for twenty minutes.
The second time I used it two days later, I left it on for 1 hour.

Keep in mind that I used these masks at night after I have removed all of my makeup and cleansed my face.

My face feels very supple and soft after its use and it looks brighter. I wouldn't say I necessarily look "whiter."

I will use the whole box, but am looking to try MBD Arbutin in the near future.


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