Blonde color eyebrows!?! Maybelline Define-A-Brow vs. NYX Cake Powder in Blonde

With my golden yellow/brown hair, I find that brown eyebrow pencils are too dark for me!

My eyebrows are naturally soft black, and aren't full...

Putting these colors on my plain black brows looks very unnatural so I wentahead to bleach them. I did it so that they'd be lighter— I let it lighten to a red color (not orange or yellow because that's too light and will make your eyebrows look invisible), and then dyed them CAREFULLY with Revlon Hair dye in Light Ash Brown #50. The result was an auburn brown which was upsetting so I had to use an ashy-based eyebrow color. Maybe I need to redye until it is ashy?

I am comparing these two because on my natural black eyebrows, both colors are a nice true light brown/blonde.

But with my new auburn brows *rolls eyes*, I discovered NYX cake powder in blonde tones them down more. Awesome ashiness! But it still isn't ASH ASH, grrrrr.

Now it is up to me to decide whether to keep dyeing them with an ash color or wait for it to go back to its natural color and just fill them in that way. *shrugs*

OR maybe I'm being too picky by trying to make the shade match with my hair. Shouldn't have to as long as it's within the same hue? Bah, we'll see!

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