Tony Moly Apple Lip Tint + Skinfood Royal Honey Jelly Eye Cream


Back with a lip tint review— Tony Moly in Red Apple! I purchased the sample on eBay for $6? The product itself is microscopic. It's half my thumb!

Color payoff: 5/5. Very buildable color. Your lips can range from a soft rosy pink to bold apple red! I do four dots on my bottom lip and three on the upper then I blend blend blend! I make it look like a gradient effect; it looks more bold in the center of my lips and then fades to my natural lip color. This makes my lips look smaller, making my eyes look bigger. ; u ;

Price: 3/5. For the sample, I think they should have priced it lower. Luckily a little goes a long way, so I expect this to last a couple weeks more.

*~*~*~Onto the Skinfood Royal Honey Jelly Eye Cream!~*~*~

This came as the sample bonus when I bought the lip tint. This product claimed to give eyes a honey glow and moisturizer while lessening fine lines. I used it one morning all over my eye area after prepping my face with Pond's Dry Skin Moisturizer. This Skinfood royal honey jelly is hydrating! The product isn't heavy and absorbed nicely. It comes out a white color. My eye primer and concealer went on smoother and less makeup settled into fine lines. This was after one use, so I wouldn't mind repurchasing but I'm currently waiting for my "100%. Pure Caffeine Eye Cream" which I've heard great reviews from! I will be doing a review on that by next week.

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