Clairemont Adventure

Even though the drive is a bit far, I love being in the Clairemont area. I've always been an enthusiast with oriental things, so you can imagine how excited I was today!

I went with my cousin, Keana. We ate a late brunch at "Friend's House." it was right across Manna BBQ and Friend's House's Bulgogi blows Manna out of the water! A lunch dish for one cost 6.99, and I was in such disbelief when I saw how low the tab was!

Afterwards we went to Marukai, and I bought some cute knickknacks such as reusable chopsticks with case for storing, a bento box, drinking canister, and a cute scrunchie.

Lastly we went to Mitsuwa. I was there for no longer than ten minutes. I had to refrain myself from buying otherwise I'd spend like crazy!

Today was a good relaxing day. I hope more come my way soon!

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