Going back to Organic!

Organic Skin Regimen
For face:

1) Scrub 3-4x a week in morning
a) Honey and Sugar (brown is softer than white)
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 tsp of honey (add squeeze of lemon for lightening & clarifying)
b) Olive oil and sugar
c) Grounded Oatmeal with honey (or olive oil)

2) Mask
-Milk and Honey
- Lemon Juice and Honey
- Milk, lemon juice, and honey
- Papaya pulp, honey, milk, lemon
- Strawberries mashed - shrink pores.

3) Use by itself daily/nightly
- Lemons - Cleanses & lightens
- squeeze lemon juice and apply with a cotton ball. Rinse after 10-30 minutes. **NIGHT**
- Milk - lightens and moisturizes
- microwave milk, soak a cloth, and massage face.

In the future, going to try:
- cucumbers
- pears
- rose water
- goat milk

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  1. Maruthi fruits are one of the largest papaya pulp exporters from India. Papaya Pulp is extracted by commercial processing of properly Matured, Sound, Cleaned and Ripened Papaya. Papaya pulp is really a very effective skin exfoliant. Papaya is known for its effectiveness in beauty. The first thing you need to do is prepare the papaya pulp. Get a half cup of scooped papaya and crush it with a fork. Add a squeeze of lemon.

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