Mascara Post

Formula, wand, and technique is everything!

I) How To.

A) Curling.

-Heat dry your lash curler for twenty seconds or until warm. Tip!!!!
-Work with one eye at a time.
-Curl at the base for thirty seconds, then the middle, then the tip.

B) Lengthening.
- Use a business card to in between the lashes and eye lid to grab any excess. This also allows you to define and coat each lash. Tip!!!!
- Apply a lengthening mascara by sweeping horizontally.
- Build up coats if needed. Build up vertically for more definition.
- Allow to dry.

C) Volumizing.
- Using a business card is optional.
-If the volumizing formula is wet/thin/creamy, allow for it to dry by waving wand around for thirty seconds. Tip!!!!!
- Use the tip and apply vertically on each lash. Also coat the base heavily for the eyeliner illusion and a thicker lash line.
- Dab the tip of the eye lash to give more
drama to length, then coat the entire lash for an even look.
- Build if needed, but focus more towards the lower part of the eyelash and the base.

II) Mascaras You Should Try

A) For Lengthening
- Prestige my longest lashes >> lengthens like crazy, hard to build up, holds a curl, formula is very dry
- Almay get up & grow >> lengthens, holds a curl great if used alone, allows to build up

B) For Volumizing
- Prestige my blackest lashes >> best for darkening lashes while adding volume. Ts wet so allow to dry.
- Almay one coat thickening >> this is also wet, so allow to dry, can build up as much as you want, haven't seen it hold much of a curl yet
- Covergirl Lash Perfection >> dry formula to hold a curl, can build up to two coats
- Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion >> dry formula, holds curl, but hard to build up

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