MOTD/Day Recap

Olay Absolute Serum Liquid Foundation in Ivory - I wish this shade were as pale as my loreal true match w1 in "porcelain"
Hard Candy Doll Face Illuminating Lotion - make sure skin is well moisturized! If not blended in well, can look cakey
Maybelline the Falsies in Very Black Waterproof - use this to layer on top of another mascara to hold that curl. Apply while lashes are slightly damp.
Tarte blush in exposed - neutral flushed cheeks. Lightly applied because of the heavy pigment.
Neutrogena Healthy Lips in Sunny - more pigmented than I expected, similar to burts bees to tinted lip balm in rose
Maybelline Define A Brow in Dark Blonde
Cover blend Concealer in Light

After my fiancé left me for work I ran some errands at Walmart. I was itching to try new foundations or BB creams but I want to make sure I review anything before I buy it so I don't waste money. I did purchase the ElishaCoy Shiny Diamond BB cream so I hope it works out! I was also eyeing a cosmetic line called Flower, but I didn't find many reviews on it so I'll let the guinea pig beauty gurus try it out. >:)

I purchased the Olay Age Defying Absolute Serum foundation today because of its SPF properties and antiaging effects. I'll take preventative measures now loool. I was torn between trying out a BB cream or foundation, but I went with the foundation since I realized that American BB creams tend to be overhyped tinted moisturizers. Plus they don't have any whitening effects -_- IMO it's nice to rotate foundations the offchance they discontinue a product and because makeup is constantly being improved.

Some products I'm happy I bought today:
Milani eyebrow pencil in taupe
2x lashes plus eyelash glue! #yabishhhhh
A small contouring brush
Hard Cand "Eye'M Tired" Eyebag Depuffer
I also bought Abrann a pillow with arms out of love. He spoils
me enough. I should return the favor! <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Going to return:
Olay antiaging pressed powder - I guess I don't need it ; _ ;
I'll see if I can return the healthy lips too, left an uncomfortable tingly sensation, plus I already have a color like that. I might opt for a lighter hue.

Neutral blushes so I can wear a brighter lip
Longwear Eye highlighter (the ELF one i have moves too much)
A pale longwear foundation that DOESN'T oxidize
More lip products
Face primer

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