Valentine's Day 2013!

Happy Valentine's Day!

A: I got you a little something. It's not edible.
G: *So it isn't chocolate* Eh? I'm still buying dinner, okay?


I was under the impression that we were going out to a dinner that I treated us to! But he came home with a ps3 and some games to go with it!

*the funny part*

When he came inside he pulled out the game he pointed out that they gave him the game for the wrong console and stormed out of his room pissed off, then came back with a freaking ps3!

OHHH, I get it... The game was FOR that ps3 he bought! Clever... The games he bought us was a tennis game called 2k Top Spin 4 and Ni No Kuni by Studio Ghibli!

Smitten <3 <3 <3

Earlier today I tried Up2you cafe for the first time with my cousin Keana and it was... okay! The food was fine but the setting had me super chlostrophobic! We ordered a regular nutella crepe for about $6 and shared that. Afterwards we took purikura pics at Tea Time and we sucked at following directions! The whole session was in Japanese for crying out loud. After I bought raspberry macaroon palty due at mitsuwa because my byrgundy hair faded so fast! Will post a review soon.

^ Update: I decided I don't want to dye my hair burgundy— too much upkeep, plus I realized I look better and natural in a medium neutral brown tone! Phew, my hair can stay healthy. As for the Palty dye, I posted a listing on eBay to sell it!

I also wore falsies today for the first time in 3-4 months and I felt super dolled up. But why not go all out on a holiday like this huh? But I will admit, I realized how different it made me look and eyelashes didn't look very natural... I'm relieved I went back to mascara. I feel more comfortable wearing it.

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