Ni No Kuni 二ノ国

I love this game: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch ! My amazing fiance surprised me with this game on Valentine's Day when he barely told me about it the same day!

It's an RPG made by Studio Ghibli and the gameplay is unique in its own way yet very fun. So far there is nothing bad I can say about the game.

In the beginning we noticed some parallels to Pokemon (you capture "familiars" as pets that fight for you,-'d they metamorphose!), which is entertaining, especially since they're drawn Studio Ghibli style!

To put it in brief, the story is about a boy wizard named Oliver accompanied by a fairy called Mr. Drippy, who tries to save a distant world so he can save his mother who sacrificed herself for his safety in the beginning of the game.

We are about ten hours into the hundred-hour-long game and we're determined to beat it! My favorite character is Mr. Drippy for sure!

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