Peaceful Morning

Today is 3-2-1! This morning I made myself a balanced breakfast since I realized how crummy I feel when I put junk in my system. Hard-boiled eggs are so hard to peel! I was originally craving coffee and was ready to take down one of the makers, but we had no good coffee grounds. I'll make sure to steal a cup from the one in hubby's room. It is Starbucks, after all! I woke up feeling better than usual, and I'm guessing it was because I slept for 10+ hours. My sleep debt finally caught up to me. It's amazing how much of a difference your outlook on life is when you're well-rested. Can't wait for later today!

As you might have read in my earlier posts, I've been (slowly but surely) picking up Mandarin. It's a bit difficult to make time for it on a daily basis, but I am determined to learn! I digress, but I've also been curious about Russian. I took a class on it a couple years ago, and have been curious since! Волк в ове́чьей шку́ре ("wolf in sheep's clothing") is one of my favorite sayings. It's also a song title by one of my favorite bands, This Providence. How cool does it sound to be a polyglotimist in English (yes, it counts), Tagalog, Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian or Japanese?!

Below is also a new soap I've started using again. It's great for brightening my skin and keeping it soft!

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