I stopped by my local beauty supply store and Target to pick up some goodies.

I was introduced to the brand Palladio. I eyed the rice oil-blotting sheets ($4) for my sometimes oily eyelids and for any face pampering I might need. The package was really cute and it makes me not want to open it! I also saw the prettiest lip stain in "Rose" ($5). The other shades available were tempting as well, but the warm undertone in Rose suited me best.

I also picked up my former favorite pencil eyeliner by Prestige($4) in black. I used to line my waterline when I got into makeup, but I do my eyes way differently now, and instead I tightline the upper lid so my lashes appear less sparse! It really makes a difference. is also a must to open my lashes before I volumize them.

Later at Target, I returned my Covergirl Lash Blast Volume for some other things, my EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet ($3) and ELF lashes ($1 and not pictured). And also, you guessed it, another Baby Lips! This one's in Coral Crush. I like this shade much more than my Peach Kiss (though I'll still use it if I'm going for a natural look).

I searched the lip stain (on the bottom) and coral crush (on the top). These are great shades for Spring!

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