Haul: Korean Skincare/Makeup

I'm so excited about my most recent parcel, partially because of all the different products in it!

I purchased:

Étude House Lip Concealer
(not pictured here, it was in my car!) I tried this earlier on the outer edges of my lips to make them appear smaller, and I fell in love. The coverage was on point, it didn't feel dry, and the shade matched my NW15-20 skin perfectly. This is definitely a staple for gradient lips or as a base if you want the lip product shade to appear better.

Étude House Baby Choux Base in Berry

This moussey base contains SPF25, and gives you a porcelain doll glow, allowing for smoother face makeup application. The scent is that of an artificial berry, but I still like it a lot and don't think I will be nauseated.

ME:EX Lovely Milky Tint in Peach

A long lasting, lightweight, moisturizing peachy lip tint that suits skin tones on the warm side.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13

A whitening and anti-aging medium coverage BB cream that will improve your complexion with continued use. This contains a whopping SPF42, and it smells like flowers! I usually assume high SPF makeup has that sunscreen smell to it.

But wait, good eBay sellers such as the one I bought from included some samples for me to pamper with! I'll make sure I find the time to try some out.

I included an unedited picture below of my inner arm with swatches of how I use this product. For reference, my arms are a bit darker than my face making them NW20-25.The base really is light on the skin, whereas the BB cream is pretty sheer (darn), though the coverage seems buildable. It can also look patchy if not blended well. I found that moisturizing is still important beforehand.

I am absolutely in love. Have you tried any of them?

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