Sushi Date and a New Book!

Tonight I ate dinner at Sushiya! It was filled with all the Springbreakers, so the place was more packed than usual. Abrann and I enjoyed ourselves more nigiri, this time Halibut and Freshwater Eel! Originally, Abrann thought to order the Saltwater Eel, but marked down the Freshwater by accident. I laughed when I pointed out that it tasted just like the Unagi Roll we always order. I was also spoiled with a hot dish. Yup, you guessed it. Bulgogi!

Afterwards, we made a stroll to Barnes and Noble, because I was telling him I wanted to read a book my cousin recommended me. Unfortunately, they didn't have it! So I came across a book that caught my interest, Stumbling Upon Happiness by Daniel Gilbert.

It's a National Seller, so it must be good! I love self-help books. It's definitely different from my taste for Vonnegut and Palahniuck. With the right book, I really enjoy reading. It helps me get through the day (especially if I'm waiting for hubby to get off work) and it keeps my brain going.

"That's what this book is all about. Despite the third word of the title, this is not an instruction manual that will tell you anything useful about how to be happy. Those books are located in the self-help section two aisles over, and once you've bought one, done everything it says to do, and found yourself miserable anyway, you can always come back here to understand why."

Wow. I guess this isn't a self help book then.

Note to self: Don't forget to buy that John Green book I've been dying to get a hold of!

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