Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume

I decided to try the sample mascara that came with the Shiseido Brightening Kit I got yesterday. This mascara claims to give you extreme length and volume while defining your lashes. This product retails at $24, making it a mascara I wouldn't normally buy. However, I'm glad I got an idea of how a high end brand works. My experience with Shiseido has piqued my curiosity on how other high end brands compare. Stop me now!

On a scale from 1-5, I would give it a 4. While this mascara delivers in what it claims, I am put off by the plastic scent. I also had to swipe it on several times to start seeing results. I found that you shouldn't allow for any drying between coats. This formula is on the dry side, and can lead to clumping if not applied correctly.If I were to compare this to a drugstore mascara, I'd pick L'Oreal Perfect Volume Mascara. The formula consistency and results are similar.

Overall, this mascara works well, but I wouldn't spend more than $10 on a mascara unless it was undeniably amazing!


  1. I like DiorShow a lot because it doesn't clump at all in comparison to other drugstore brands. But seeing as I don't use mascara that often I wouldn't splurge on it that often either!

    1. I've been curious about DiorShow! Maybe it'll be better than Shiseido :)