Shiseido White Lucent Review

Hello! Today I will be featuring several products from the Shiseido White Lucent line. Shiseido has become my favorite "high end" brand, from their makeup products to skincare lines. I don't have much experience trying anything else other than Clinique in my teen years. What I love about Shiseido especially is their White Lucent skin care series, which has been out for a while now. I've been using this line on and off for about 8 years! I've read that Dior Snow is comparable to this line, but the reviews for it are pretty mixed.

The products I have include the

Brightening Facial Cleanser $38
Brightening Moisturizing Cream $49
Brightening Protective Cream $50
Brightening Massage Cream $50
Brightening Protective Emulsion $48
Anti-Dark Circle Eye Brightening Cream $55
Brightening Balancing Softener $50

There are way more products in the line (like toners, facial lotions, serums for décolletage and neck and eye treatment) that I wanted to try, but I don't feel that it's necessary at the moment. If you were to buy the whole line it would cost you somewhere around $400. Ouch! Pricey or not, this line really works! However, certain items may be less effective than others (i.e. the Shiseido Protective Emulsion SPF 15).

I don't have that kind of money to blow especially on skincare so my mom is the one who usually buys my expensive skincare products. I have seen both sample and full-sized products on eBay and amazon sold at a fraction of the original price.

I have to disclaim to you that this line brightens/lightens, but not necessarily whitens. I point this out because when I think of the word "whiten," I think of more dramatic changes. For my skin, I've never seen it become ang lighter than NW15. I am normally NW15-20. This line is capable of removing a tan, returning you to your original shade, and MAYBE even lightening you a shade or three. From my experience, it works with your current tone and can only deliver so much. I sigh heavily when I read reviews saying they were expecting to be Snow White after this! No people! If you want to take skin lightening to an extra level, you literally have to be a vampire and stay out of the sun, always wear SPF if you do go outside, and do additional skin lightening treatments. This constant rotation will promote gradual fairness. I used to be really tan back from when I played tennis, but those steps lightened me literally ten shades. This includes a whitening skin are regimen, and I chose Shiseido White Lucent. I'm sure there are other multiple ways to achieve lighter skin, but this is what I found works for me. :)

That being said, let's move on to the products themselves?

Brightening Facial Cleanser →Use once or twice a day. It depends on how "dirty" my face feels that day. Two might seem like overboard for my normal/dry skin. This lifts impurities including face makeup (not mascara!) while retaining the skins moisture and leaving the skin brighter.

Brightening Moisturizing Cream →For night use. This does not contain any SPF. This hydrates your skin and brightens.

Brightening Protective Cream →The daytime counterpart of the aforementioned product. This contains SPF 15.

Brightening Massage Cream →Use as a night treatment 2-3x a week. This can replace the Moisturizing Cream for that night.

Anti-Dark Circle Eye Brightening Cream →Use day and night. This has lightened my dark circles so much, my favorite of the bunch hands down!

Brightening Balancing Softener →Use day and night after you cleanse to prep your
skin for maximum effect in moisturizers and following products.

Brightening Protective Emulsion → Use daytime. Contains SPF15 and moisturizes. Claims to brighten but it did not do much for me.

Today, while at Macy's, my mom bought me another Balancing Softener and a Shiseido Instant Brightening kit which contains serum, mascara, eye cream, and the whitening mask I've been dying to try! Originally, I was just looking for the eye cream, but the SA said this kit contained the eye cream of the same size with additional products! I'll make sure I post a review on all of these products I recently received but didn't try yet.

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