Life's Duties: Academia

I hate studying, but it has to be done! For the past couple months, I've been studying for the TEAS test so that I raise my chances of getting into the nursing program. I've been using a study guide tailor made to Version V as well as my old Physiology and Microbiology notes! The test is on the 15th, so I'm trying to wrap up anything I need to stay in my brain for this grueling test.

Please pardon the blurriness, my phone's camera quality deteriorates at night! I've been switching off BB creams, and I'm actually really liking Clinique Age Defense! I noticed that my foundation hardly oxidizes. My face has definitely been looking paler because I lost my blush brush, so I haven't worn blush for the past two days.

Also pictured is the Cookies n' Cream Kit Kat Bar I got the other day at Mitsuwa! It tastes very different from my all-time favorite Hershey's Cookies n' Cream. In fact, it tastes almost like Vanilla? Speaking of vanilla, I put Vanilla extract in my Starbucks Hot Cocoa powder mix and it tastes just like the real thing! I just have to remember to put a teaspoon less because of the strong alcohol content in vanilla extract. I'd like to keep up my "sober all my life streak" I have going on.


  1. you look so pretty ^_^
    i love kitkats mmmmmmm


  2. Good luck on your exam! I know how hard studying can me, it's so painful but you gotta keep going! It'll be all worth it when you pass :D

    I'm so jealous you have those different kinds of kit kats! The most adventurous ones we have here are..strawberry...oooooo.

    I've followed you, please follow back?