What's in my bag?

Today I wanted to show you guys what I carry around on a typical day besides my wallet and keys! I've learned to pack more lightly in recent months, as I noticed my shoulders start to ache with a heavy load. People used to tell me "it's like Narnia in there!" I've changed my ways since then.

I make it a point to carry easily accessible necessities. I also tend to switch my items depending on where I'm going. Hand sanitizer and lotion usually transfers between my car and my purse.

1) Compact brush and mirror for hairtouch ups.

2) L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W1. I usually retouch my makeup at least twice a day. A lot of it tends to smudge off when I nap at my hubby's.

3) Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream for a manicure on the go!

4) ELF Higherlighter to quickly brighten my look. 

5) Revlon Blush in Peach Tawny to give my face some color.

6) Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch if I want pink lips!

7) Neutrogena Healthy Lips in Healthy for a radiant lip color.

8) Burt's Bees original lip balm if I want moisture alone.

9) Coverblend Concealer in Light to touch up on brightening my under eye area.

10). Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara to build up my lashes.

11) ELF Liquid Eyeliner to touch up any smudged wings.

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