Product Review: L'Oreal Damage Erasing Balm

My hair's been needing some love in the moisture department. I currently use Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle, but I've seen good reviews on this, so I wanted to see how it'd hold up to my current fave!

What is it?

A deep conditioner that "erases up to one year of damage." I bought mine at Target for $5.

How to use it?

I scoop it out of the tub and lather it all over my hair, leaving it on for five minutes. With how much I use for my long hair, this product will last me no longer than a month.


I wouldn't say it reverses a year of damage, but it definitely leaves my hair looking and feeling soft, silky, and healthy! I plan on using a deep conditioning once or twice a week.

Will you repurchase?

I think I will! I will rotate between this and my 3 minute miracle because a product loses its effectiveness if you use it too much!

Also, look at this model's hair color. *swoons* It's so gorgeous! Some parts of my hair is similar to this color, but I'd love for my whole head to look like this! I might have to stop by the salon and get this done! I'm kind of exhausted from dyeing my own hair. It's so much work.


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