Palty Hair Dye: Marshmallow Ash / Reversing Ombre

Hey everyone! I finally tried out Palty Hair Dye in Marshmallow Ash. I was so lucky to find it in a store for $12! I always research results before trying out any dye, BUT I COULDN'T FIND ANY DECENT REVIEWS ON THIS PRODUCT. That being said, I took the initiative to try it out myself! I was aware that this would make my hair a bit darker. I can definitely attest to everyone's claims that the results are nothing like the box. My hair went from a level 5 to 3. I usually stick with medium to light brown shades, but I've been wanting to get rid of the leftover (subtle) ombre effect that kept coming back. I say ombre because the bottom half of my hair is slightly lighter than the top half of my head, and I want to make it even. I repeat, I only applied the dye to the lighter parts of my hair, leaving the top half alone. I haven't seen my hair this dark in a whiiiiiile, but I'm pretty sure this dye cancelled the ombre for good! I know that after a couple washes the dye fades as well, so my hair color should be one uniform color.

Getting ready to dye my hair!

Out of the package

Upon mixing, it turns into a light yellow foam
Application was pretty simple, considering the directions were in Japanese. I was also pleased by the fruity smell of the dye! The directions said to leave it on for no longer than 20 minutes. My fine hair takes dye easily, so I have to leave it on way shorter than that. I actually left it on for ten minutes until I saw my hair darken.

After dyeing and washing my hair

Final Thoughts:
This will be the only time I use this dye. It left my hair a little dry (nothing a deep conditioner can't fix), but I only needed it to even out my lighter ends. I guess I'm satisfied with how I used it. If I need to ashen up my hair to a nice medium brown, I will look to my go-to Revlon Light Ash Brown! My only problem with that dye is it fades fairly quickly, but repurchasing isn't much of a bother since it's dirt cheap. In the near future, I would like to try Liese Natural Ash and see how that holds up. I've read really good reviews on that, and the picture results look true to the box.

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