❤ 6/17 ❤

Sometimes it feels like we live together with how often I visit him. Sometimes it feels like we're married! I basically only go home to sleep or when he's working. All of our free time goes to each other and we love it that way. I call it our eternal honeymoon stage.

Abrann had the idea of cooking garlic butter seared steak and it was delicious! But we ran out of eggs (we bought three dozen and it was gone the next day wtfz), so we made do with other items.

Later that night, we went to Target to buy ingredients for dinner. I haven't been there in a minute!

Look! He bought my favorite chocolate in baby form!  We ended the night watching Disney's Hercules after browsing Netflix during dinner. Halfway through, we knocked out. Today was kind of exhausting!

This is random, but he pointed out that my bottom lashes were longer. I told him, "Aw, I just used mascara!" and he was like, "I know!" It really wasn't something I expected him to notice, but it's the little things really!

I also giggled a little but was insanely flattered when one of his coworkers told him I looked like an actress. >_> Just aww.

I like that he notices when I do something different with myself. And, he's been calling me doll. That makes me feel so cute and small =^.^=

Playful and loving pretty much describes our relationship.

"You're like magic. Don't ever leave me. This is the greatest day, I couldn't ask for anything more."


And what's great is we've brought the best out in each other. This is how we've been for three years, and I'm making it a point to keep it like this. I will always support him, and want what's best for him. I still see him as my best friend. We both know what we have in front of us, and that only emphasizes how special this is.

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